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How Carpet like a Pro:
Carpeting an installation can make an enormous difference in how professional your installation looks. In this tech-tip, we will demonstrate our favourite technique for carpeting just about anything!

For starters, you will need the following:
carpeting supplys:  knife, spray adhesive, automotive carpet
To begin carpeting, apply spray adhesive to the object to be carpeted.
Note: Before applying adhesive, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's directions!
Start by trimming a piece of automotive carpet around the piece you are carpeting. Be sure to allow for enough material to wrap around to the bottom side of the wood. Generally, 3-4 inches is enough, but more may be required as the thickness of the target wood increases.
To carpet a flat piece of wood, we will start by applying the spray adhesive to the top portion of the object. Be sure to cover the entire surface (following adhesive directions).

Once the adhesive has been properly applied, place the carpet on a flat surface (rough side up). When ready, carefully lay the target object onto the carpet.
Be sure to press the object firmly onto the carpet to provide the best adhesion possible.
Once the carpet is firmly adhered to the object, apply adhesive to the underside of the piece.

In the case of spray 77 adhesive, we must wait until the adhesive becomes tacky to the touch.

Be sure to only apply adhesive to areas that you:
  • intend to carpet
  • are able to carpet within a few minutes
Once ready, you must pull the carpet firmly over the edges of the target object. Generally, the more evenly you pull, the better the result.
Next, cut the corners. This is the most difficult part of the process .. though, if you follow the directions you will have a very impressive result. To prep the corner, pull the carpet in a manner similar to the image below:
The next step is to press the middle portion of the crease down onto the corner. Once the middle portion is pressed, fold the flaps to ensure the carpet is adhered to the wood.

Once the folds are pressed down, you must find your "cut lines".

The red lines in the image to the right show the optimal cut lines for this fold.

You must now cut the carpet folds to remove the excess carpet. Do so in such a way that you effectively cut through three layers of carpet.
Once the excess carpet has been cut, you should press the trimmed carpet onto the board. Tidy up the seam as you see fit .. if the corner has been cut well, you should not need to trim the seam any further.

Be sure to press the newly cut seam down onto the wood to ensure a good bond.

Once all of the corners or contours have been trimmed, be sure to trim away any excess carpet from the bottom of the piece. This cleans up your carpeting as well as provides a more professional finish.
If all goes well, you should have a finished product that looks similar to the following:

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