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This (on-going) project  will cover the quest for chrome on our NA 1997 MX-5 Miata.  This project will only cover one technical aspect, the rest will be a documentation of the installation of chromes parts:

  • roof-latch striker removal and installation
  • spare tire tie-down installation
  • emergency car jack handle installation
  • trunk striker installation
  • hood prop-rod installation

[click for larger image]

figure 1

Suggested tools + resources:
  • ratchet set
  • torque wrench
  • screwdriver set
  • torx bit
  • no special resources required

In keeping with our initial plan to limit the amount of chrome  (Operation Chrome:  Valve Cover), we have selected the following components to be chromed as accents:


  • convertible roof front latches
    figure 3
  • spare tire tie-down
  • figure 5
  • emergency jack-handle
  • figure 6
  • convertible roof side latch strikers
  • figure 4
  • hood prop-rod
  • figure 1
  • trunk striker
  • figure 7

[click for larger image]

figure 2


As usual, if you use our website as a source of inspiration and decide to tackle a project such as this, we will accept absolutely no legal liability.  We will be glad to help you out but remember:  never tackle a project unless you have both the knowledge of how to do it, or the willingness to spend many, many hours trying =)  A factory workshop manual is priceless.

All parts except the hood prop-rod and emergency jack-handle (debatable) are critical components and it is suggested that you either:  a) have extras of all parts being sent out to retain the vehicle's drivability or b) garage the car (or use a car cover) to protect the vehicle from the elements while the car will be out of service.  This is a great time to have your valve cover done also.

Installation of these parts will be documented in the spring.  Yay!

These are the convertible roof-latch strikers.  The recessed points are the latch-nipple receivers which may see some degree of abuse.  These areas are areas of mild concern - I will look into a few possibilities to reduce the wear these parts will see.

[click for larger image]

figure 3

[click for larger image]

figure 4

As with the forward latch receivers, these side latch receivers will see some degree of wear in the nipple receivers.  As these are for the hard top of a MX-5 Miata, they will not see as much wear as the forward latch receivers.
This is the now gorgeous spare-tire tie-down.  Originally these pieces were a strange yellowish stamped steel colour.

Note:  the black you may notice on the wing-nut is actually left-over polishing compound - not a flaw =)

[click for larger image]

figure 5

[click for larger image]

figure 6

The emergency jack-handle makes a great accent piece.  This handle is secured in the trunk on the gas fill-line protector in the Miata.  The handle is visible at all times and will be backset on black carpet which will accent the trunk nicely.
This piece is also made of stamped steel and had a somewhat yellowish hue to it.  As this is only visible when the trunk lid is open, it makes for a nice subtle accent piece.

This part will also see accelerated wear and will also be tested for wear-reducing preventatives (perhaps some form of clear plastic coating around the contact area.

[click for larger image]

figure 7

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