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This is a project update for Operation Chrome on our NA 1997 MX-5 Miata.  The majority of parts shown here are currently installed on the Miata, the valve cover however will only be installed once the weather cooperates with us so that the gasket compound will properly cure over the 24 hours it requires.

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figure 1

Our mantra for this project has been "sometimes less is better" and with the following pictures, we imagine you will understand why.  Do note that these are only preliminary photos, more will be taken in the spring when both setting and climate improve.  If you want to see the whole gambit of images, here's the link:

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figure 2


This is the passenger-side front latch receiver.  With the hard-top currently installed, you do not get a full sense of the presence of this part - when the soft-top is down, this piece will really accent the black interior and exterior nicely.

The sun visor is ugly.  It will be removed in the spring and in its place, blank "plugs" will cover the mounting point.


Shown here (fig. 3) is the driver's side front latch receiver.  This angle gives a slightly better perspective on the accent parts.  These should really stand out nicely when the top is down.

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figure 3

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figure 4

Shown here is the driver-side side latch.  These are only in use when the hard-top is installed and as such will be exposed quite a bit.  The interior panels are currently not installed because they need to be trimmed to fit with the style bar.

You may notice that the style bar is currently installed - this is a teaser picture for the spring project.  A full installation write-up will be posted when we re-install the style bar to completion.

What a beautiful accent.  This is the emergency jack-handle mounted in its regular service location.  Back-set on a charcoal carpet background, this piece will greet you every time the trunk lid is opened.

Some people thought this was a waste of money - you be the judge.

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figure 5

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figure 6

Shown here is the spare-tire tie-down hardware.  Once again, chrome on a black backdrop nicely accents the trunk.  This serves to complete the notion that less is better.

This part will only be seen during car show-n-shine events as a road-side emergency kit is stored in the small space between the spare-tire and the parcel tray.

This piece was originally stamped steel which looks exactly the same as the ugly bracket seen in figure 7.  We will be painting the ugly bracket gloss black to match the car such that it will be hidden.

You may notice tape on the chrome piece, this is to reduce the wear that this part will experience.  The tape will be replaced with clear plastic tubing (or perhaps the new 3M invisi-barrier used on late model production cars to reduce stone-chips).

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figure 7

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figure 8

Barely noticeable here is the hood prop-rod.  This part is a very sexy accent in the engine bay.  This piece really stands out nicely in-person.

For those who are frugal, you can polish this part with great ease yielding a similar result - just be sure to use some metal wax or even clear-coat paint to prevent oxidation.

Finally, the center-piece of the project - the valve cover.  We first saw a chrome valve cover whilst looking through a Miata-only accessories catalogue and fell in love with it immediately.  This creates an absolutely stunning array of reflections in the under-hood compartment.

With the valve cover temporarily in place, we have decided that the intake manifold should also match the luster and glamour of the valve cover, and as such, we are currently searching for a second intake manifold for a BP8 1.8l engine.  Chroming the intake manifold will be almost twice the price of the valve cover - but in our opinion, the intake manifold should really have the same treatment as the valve cover to properly balance the engine bay.

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figure 9

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figure 10

The final shot in the update section focuses on the center-piece from a slightly different angle to show the extent to which the valve cover brightens up the engine bay.  With the project nearing completion, we are very happy with the results.  If you enjoy a clean, shiny engine bay, we highly recommend you follow our footsteps and embrace the beauty of chrome.

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