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The Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers Club TrailBlazers 4x4 Club (EOTB) is a family oriented, non-profit, incorporated off-roading club with a great deal to offer its members.  Have a look at their website if you are into 4-wheeling in Ontario.

The Ottawa Valley Off-roaders are a club which is dedicated to off-roading in the Ottawa area.  This club has been around for 30 years now and continue to be a strong off-road presence in the Ottawa area.  If you are local - check them out some time.

If you own a four wheel drive Suzuki, then you really should know about this website.  The forums at Zookpower are second to none with discussions ranging from gear ratios to hybrid axle fabrication and dual-transfer case buildups.  This is an amazing starting point for all Samurai, Sidekick, or SJ41-/LJ owners.

All Suzuki 4x4 owners in (or near) Ontario should attend one of these events.  Check the website out for more info.  It is like a Jeep jamboree but way better (cause we drive Zooks of course ;)

This is a website dedicated to Mazda's premiere sports car:  the Miata.  This is a treasure trove of valuable information on anything Miata - from TSBs to the "Garage" section - this website is a collection of data just waiting to be harvested.

The ultimate Miata bulletin board system!  Comprised of nearly 20'000 members, this is a premiere source for information regarding anything Miata.  I highly recommend this forum to people who currently own - or are considering buying a Miata.

If you own a Mazda MX-3 then you will definitely want to have a look at this site!  This is the first website that I (James) started visiting that was purely automotive related - thanks Jeff!

This is the home page for the Miata Club of Canada (as the URL suggests).  If you are a Canadian Miata owner, I highly recommend you join to keep up-to-date on the events, news, etc.

This is the home to the Ottawa based Underground Miata Network.  If you live in/near Ottawa and drive a Miata - this club is for you!  Join up and benefit from membership (see website for benefits/details).

Enthusiast Pages:

This website is one of the best "enthusiast" sites I have seen on the net!  There are lots of good photo-illustrated projects in this website.  Definitely worth a close look!

Automotive resources:

nothing yet ;)

Automotive Retailers:

A Canadian company dedicated to supplying Suzuki owners with all kinds of kits at reasonable prices.

"At Trail Tough Products, we provide the Suzuki Samurai enthusiast with innovative products that have proven to be effective and reliable for serious off-road performance."  This is one of a handful of great parts suppliers for Samurai owners.  Lots of great kits offered here.

These folks offer a lot of great off-road equipment for various makes and models including:  Suzuki Samurai, Sidekicks, Jeeps, Toyotas, etc.  Check them out!

These guys make amazing kits for Suzuki vehicles.  For example, looking to go SPOA (spring over axle) ?

This is an amazing source for engine / automotive tools!  I have never personally ordered anything from this retailer, however they have a great reputation.  Have a look if you think you have every tool - you'll be surprised!

Looking for Mazda performance parts? Have a look at this webpage.  Most of these parts can be found elsewhere .. though this website has a good offering of limited availability parts.

Performance parts for Mazda vehicles.  Enough said.  This company is dedicated to Mazda racing and as a result has some pretty amazing hardware!

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