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TechGuys has been featured in "Diesel Car" and "Our Canada" Magazines.  Click for more info!

Diesel Car Magazine - Issue 210 - Sep 2005, p28

A picture of page 28 of diesel car magazine issue 210 where we are featured.

Some time in the summer of 2005, Dave, the lead editor from Diesel Car Magazine contacted me inquiring as to whether they could use some material from my website in an upcoming issue.

I jumped on the opportunity as our material had never been published or recognized publicly in any way at this time.

The team at Diesel Car Magazine planned to use some material from our "How To: Change your engine oil" section which would include both text and images.

In exchange for the use of our material, Diesel Car Magazine provided me with a free complementary copy of their magazine (which I quite enjoyed reading).

The magazine is now known as: "What Diesel" and can be found by clicking on the title.  They feature all kinds of diesel car related performance tips, tricks and products - truly a diesel enthusiast's magazine.

Our Canada Magazine - October / November 2007, p59

A picture of page 59 of our canada magazine (Oct / Nov 2007) where we are featured.

On August 01 2007, Gary, an editor at Our Canada emailed me asking if we would like to have our "How To:  Prepare a car for winter storage" featured as a side-bar in their magazine as one of their regular "This Old Car" features. As a token of appreciation for our material, Our Canada provided me with a free gift subscription to the magazine along with three copies of the Oct. / Nov. issue which our article would appear in.

I immediately replied to the Gary's email giving them the go-ahead to use our material.

Our Canada is a reader-written magazine with ties to Reader's Digest and is published across Canada. It has a number of regular features such as "This Old Car" which we hope to contribute to again in the future.  The Our Canada website can be accessed by clicking on the title.

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